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Nerli 30







Wet - At or above baseline

Field Capacity

Good - 0 to -2 bars below baseline

Low to mild stress. Promotes shoot growth. Suggested level from leaf-out until mid-June, when nut sizing is completed. Should maximize rate of shoot growth in young nonbearing trees.

Slight/Moderate Stress - 2 to -4 bars below baseline

Mild to moderate stress. Shoot growth visible but the rate of growth may be reduced. These levels do not appear to affect kernel development or bud fruitfulness for next season. May use to control tree vigor, if desired. 

Dry - 4+ bars below baseline

Moderate to high stress. Shoot growth in non bearing trees may stop, nut sizing may be reduced in bearing trees, and bud fruitfulness for next season may be reduced. (-4 to -6 bars off basline)


High stress. Temporary wilting of leaves and hull shrivel has been observed. New shoot growth may be sparse or absent, and some defoliation may be evident. Edible yield likely to be reduced and kernel color darkened. (-6 to -8 bars off baseline)

High stress. Wilting observed. Some defoliation. Impacts yield potential. (-8+ bars off baseline)

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